Usually I paint directly onto the skin creating spontaneous abstract tattoo concepts which sometimes have hidden messages and meanings in them.


I like my tattoos to give the wearer a daily reminder to stay positive and there personal limits that will give them confidence. Coming from a background of black work, in the last few years I've started to incorporate lots of color into my work because I feel like I can express myself more on a deeper level with color and bring to the life the ideas I have in my head.

I like to be expressive with my work, work fast and use big areas of skin. I don't like to keep the traditional mindset that tattoos have to be neat and tidy. I prefer a messy, layered and textured look to my work, almost resembling a childlike playfulness appearance. 

I love to sit down with the customer & get to know the creative side to them, there favorite colors, there personal philosophy and then create something spontaneous for them based on what they tell. 

I'm currently based in UK but I travel a lot.

So If your interested in my work please use the contact me page. Thank you.

- Black Cloud - 

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