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Updated: Feb 25

I didn't really know what I wanted to say about this subject exactly but all I know is that I wanted to write about it. So here goes. This is my space, my world, my brain, my thoughts of the day...

I don't really question what I create, because i don't question the creative process. I just do it. When your an artist creating is like breathing, and you don't question breathing, it's just a part of you and you just do it. Your always chasing something and you always feel like you have something deep down inside of you screaming to come out and you need to release it into the world or you'll go crazy. I believe you can't make mistakes in art. So this brings me many powerful visions of what my art could be in the future. I don't judge my visions, I act on them and bring them to life.

Being an artist means I'm always chasing something, a new idea, a recent vision, research into something or searching for new materials, the list goes on. I like being productive in life but as I got older and with the help from my girlfriend I realized the power of just being sometimes. I learnt that by stopping and enjoying the sunset you can still have look deeper into your creativity and discover new ideas. So after that I decided to travel more and what I found is that I fucking love to travel! So many visions happen when I travel, probably more than anything else. So last year I started to travel somewhere new every month, exploring new countries and more of the UK. This is what I really get inspired by the most.

This year I'll be putting my work up to view in private exhibitions and maybe submitting to some public galleries in the UK.

I love and hate the word future, because you can plan the best ideas out in front of you and life will still postpone you, get in your way. You don't know how long you have left on this earth, you could die tomorrow and you'd never get the chance to birth your ideas into the world. So why plan? But.... I also love the word because it helps to motivate me and remind me that I still have time left to get things done that I really want to do. So when i think about where i want to push my art and my tattooing in the 'future' i don't like to think that much about really far into the future because i don't no when my life clock will stop ticking so i try to push everything into one day and hope that I'll wake up in the morning so i can push it even further.

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