• Eli

My Enviournment

Updated: Feb 25

From what I see around me lately it seems that the tattoo industry has got so much more fucked up. Modern western civilization has completely ruined tattooing by making everything about the art mainstream. And I don't consider myself a part of it anymore. I hate the way TV shows and commercials manipulate people into thinking that being a tattoo artist is cool and if your a tattooed person you have the right to spread hate and judge other people's tattoos.

Not to mention all the you tubers and bloggers who constantly put other artists down and judge other people’s tattoo choices. So after seeing enough Facebook accounts where groups of people (some even tattoo artists themselves) come together just to spread hateful and negative comments about other people’s tattoo choices, I decided I would remove myself from the industry completely and go underground. It just made me realize how fucked up this industry has become.

When tv shows put 2 tattoo artists head to head in competitions just to judge one another, when i believe it should be between the client and the artist and if the client is happy or not. This to me is just n example of how insane the industry has become, and turns it into a who can be the best type of game. tattooing is a matter of aesthetic, you cannot compete in art? Its all subjective! It's a matter of taste! Now I only post on here but occasionally I'll post on my Instagram story, but i won't be a part of the tattoo norm anymore. From what I see around me there are so many artists who bully others, whose depression is so high, whose ego's are out of control, who have such bad fomo, and the fear of what other well respected artists would think of them is way beyond normal orbit. It's a shame that an industry once promoting individualism now judges everyone else who wants to be different.

Because of this I now go deeper into my self so i can enjoy every moment i have left and create as many strange things as I can.

I believe, you can’t make mistakes in art

Thank you so much to all the people who have ever supported me.