• Eli

Social Media Is NOT your real worth !!!!!

This is a subject I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time. Social media is not who you really are. Now when I write about this I’m doing this from an artists perspective. And generally every perspective really but I can only speak from my own experience as an artist as I don’t have Instagram or social media for my personal use, only business and my art.

Why do we use social media? Sure we use it to advertise our product or service. We use it to reach a wider audience to maybe improve sales, get recognized and to put ourselves out there to try and better ones job, why? So we can maybe earn a little more money so we can move out of our parents and have a nice life. Like we are told to do from when we are born into this world. Well what I’ve realized from my own personal experience and research into this topic is that is not the case for a lot of us out there today.

Social media is a trap to a lot of younger people out there. Especially artists. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got into conversations with people, business owners, friends, family and even job offers where the person in charge has asked If I’m on social media? And if they see my work. Now this raises the question to me... Can an artist be a good artist without social media in the modern world?

Now you might be reading thinking of course you can. But I ask you to really think about the question. Have you ever tried to tell someone that your an artist but not on social media and experienced there reaction? 9 times out of 10 it’s negative feedback you’ll get. You may have one person who doesn’t care and wants to see your work through your website but usually that one person is a close friend of yours (haha). Artists and especially tattoo artists today live by Instagram. It’s just the thing your on. You kinda have to have it. You just have to. If you don’t your probably not worth looking at. Or people will automatically judge you because your not on an easy accessible platform where they can see , judge and criticize your work. Even stalk you sometimes, and watch your every move.

Now there is a positive and negative side to every thing in life. After all life is part positive and part negative. Now I used to love Instagram. Anyone who knows me will tell you. I used to love it. I still do now? But not in the same way as before. Instagram is mainly a tool I use to stay in contact with my friends and clients because I’ve given up using a smart phone because of there addictive and distractive nature. No wonder people get so bored so quickly now a days? They have the answer to everything in there fucking pocket, people have already seen the hole universe by the time there 5 !!! And don’t really think for themselves, they use google to think!!!! Anyway...can an artist still be a good artist without social media? In 2018 we saw social media usage rise to crazy amounts and fall because of face books shocking privacy agreements by changing everyone’s private information to public. Which is just shocking. But for artists Instagram has always remained the king. If your not on Instagram your just lame and probably not worth checking out because if your not on Instagram and your not connecting with others artists, leaving comments and have a big following people are less likely to book in with you or buy art work from you. People go where the followers are. We are all guilty of it once in our lives, we check someone’s profile and then see how many followers they have , instantly thought wow there must be something about this person that’s interesting or they wouldn’t have such a big following. Right? Wrong. It’s complete bullshit. Just because of the following it doesn’t mean there interesting people? Social media nowadays is used a lot of the time to brand yourself as a ideal dream picture of yourself. Like the person you want people to think you are. So you don’t have to face yourself, face your fears and improve on yourself. A distraction from the real you. The amount of people I’ve hung out with before from Instagram who have huge followings , give off the impression there a certain way but turns out they were actually the opposite. I mean it’s a trap for us long term. OK I give you a test? If your reading this and thinking maybe this guy has lost his mind. Deactivate your Instagram? What’s your art or tattooing worth then? Just do it for 3 days and see how it goes? I think the average person would be shocked to see how it goes. This is why I am trying to grow my own art and my own tattoo work to a point where I am satisfied with what I am producing to host everything on this website so that if Instagram one day decides to crash and delete it self (haha yeah right) I have my own space here to use with no feed from fake people, there dog and what they wore to dinner that evening plus 50 selfies.

I’m not interested in this fake self that a lot of people focus on. Yes self branding can be