• Eli

Tattoo Culture These Days

Updated: Feb 25

The older I get the more I start to clearly see through the governments manipulations and there way of controlling the millions. Even controlling the tattoo culture in this country. In the last 10 years tattoo and piercing has exploded into something that it isn't. Tattooing for me is definitely a spiritual experience shared with me and the artist. It isn't something you do when your drunk on holiday with your friends. In my opinion, and my experience, western culture has completely robbed tattooing of what it once was and what it's meant to be, a mark left from a spiritual experience which is used to better ones life, to remind me to stay positive through life. Not something to get because everyone else has one and because its all over the TV and the next top celebrity got one. This is not what tattooing was meant for in my opinion. I think the mainstream out look on tattooing is a result of heavy brain washing due to advertising from the media and social medias plus movies and TV shows. Consumerism and the uprising of fomo syndrome, depression, anxiety and fear from what people think of each other is a huge factor to why some people get tattoo's now a days because they want to fit in just like there friends because they worry what there friends think of them, or there parents think of them. So you may be thinking why blog about this? well because its something that I hold very close to my heart and I want to spread awareness to the people who visit this site that more & more people are being controlled by fear. I don't want to see tattooing die out and fade away which i fear it will because it's become so mainstream. We'll have to see.