• Eli

The "Plandemic" from my perspective

Updated: Feb 25

United Kingdom / Midlands 18.11.2020

Hi guys in this blog I will share my perspective on modern society and the coronavirus pandemic.

From the very beginning I've been very skeptical about all this as I don't believe a single word that any government reports to his people. I do not belong to a part of society that governments respect or look up to, a lot of the time governments will look down on people like me and the way I live. Tattooists in general are not seen as respectable people from corporate companies and government officials. And i like it that way, I wouldn't want it any other way. Any other way would be to mainstream tattooing even more than already is and commercialize even more than already has happened in the last 5 years. Anyways. Some people choose to commercialize there shops and create chain shops which in my opinion only leads to shit tattoo trends and more people coming into this industry without having the right level of passion that is needed to push this industry forward and progress the art form. As well as only brings more people into the industry who are just focused on making money. Anyways, I'll get to my main point in a minute haha.

So society in the middle of this so called "pandemic". All I see is fear now. I never saw it in the first month this was going on. And ill be honest there were times in the beginning of this lockdown last march 2020 that I was scared, scared for myself and others. You no thinking about finances and I was asking the question like many people probably were of how will I survive this etc. But now its a different story. I mean I'm going to be honest I've never agreed with governments about any decisions as I do not believe in corruption and they all make decisions based around money and power. Like that saying goes, it doesn't matter who you vote for the government still gets in. All parties are just different shades of the same grey. But now since 5th November 2020 when England went into its second lockdown I see straight through the governments intentions. As I say there will be some people out there who are reading this who get offended or will disagree with me and that's ok because this is my perspective on it. As you all probably sense and have seen with your own eyes from news and paper articles that the government is trying ways to control the society using fear and most of the time they are winning. A part of me is like why the fuck have i stopped working, I don't believe in any of the things they told our country and in fact the whole world in this lockdown. It all seems to me the biggest scandal the world has ever suffered. And i use the word suffering on purpose because the way i feel is, we will never get this time back and as an artist and creative person this brings me much sadness. As probably it does to you too. I believe they have caused a big financial crash so that it crushes or tries to crush all small businesses and starts up so that only the big mighty titans of industry survive, for example, MacDonald's, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nike etc. etc. If they aren't doing this then why does it feel so real? British council workers are going to peoples houses reinstalling and updating peoples boilers without masks and still visiting peoples houses for non essential work and non essential health and safety work you don't have to agree to accept? While we have to stay home and are not allowed to work. What is the difference between a council worker coming to your home to update a boiler (you haven't asked for or need to update as it works fine) and us not being able to work? I mean come on! This screams scandal to me!! They no exactly what they are doing and now they are just seeing if we listen and fall into line.

I do however believe there is a virus. I myself suffered 3-5 days of intense illness at the beginning of this year but I cannot be sure it was corona virus but I w